Empress Avenue Laneway House, Saskatoon.

Laneway Suites exists to provides a range of services to Clients who want to build garage or garden suites on their property in Saskatoon.

A Note To Our New Clients and Visitors:

As a small local business, we aim to provide quality and personalized service. In an effort to maintain this standard, we will not be accepting new clientele at this time. Please feel free to leave your contact information below. We look forward to connecting with you in the near future. Thank you for your interest in Laneway Suites!


Testimonial 1: Approved Garage Suite in King George, Saskatoon:

"Jeff Nattress of Laneway Suites is a great navigator through the application and approval process for Saskatoon’s garage suite bylaws. The fact that we were able to get the approval without any changes to the original submission speaks to how thoroughly he understood both my project and the new requirements for this type of urban infill. Throughout the entire process, Jeff was personable, professional and went out of his way to provide detailed answers to my questions and concerns.

Crystal Bueckert of BLDG STUDIO was able to help me find a design that fit my aspirations, the constraints and opportunities presented by my property, and the bylaw requirements.  The result of our collaboration is an interesting, practical and, I think, uplifting design.  If her work is an indication of how Saskatoon’s infill will evolve then we are in for an attractive, sustainable and very livable future.” -A.B.

Testimonial 2: Approved Garage Suite in Montgomery Place, Saskatoon:

"We contacted Jeff at Laneway Suites and Crystal at BLDG Studio after reading in the paper about the work that they were undertaking and subsequently purchased a lot that would be suitable for a garage suite.  Their subject matter expertise, organizational and communication skills impressed us immediately.  We contracted to work with both Jeff and Crystal to complete the necessary components of an application to the City of Saskatoon.  We noticed very quickly that their combined knowledge of the by-laws, processes and requirements resulted in a substantial time and effort (and stress) savings compared to if we had attempted to complete the application on our own.  Their work was above and beyond in many ways - such as providing communications to neighbours.  Later, when our first (and second) application were denied, their research and dedication to the appeal process, communicating with stakeholders, and even presenting to Council were commendable.  We have no doubts that the reason that we were eventually granted a discretionary use permit is because of the expertise and efforts of Jeff and Crystal.  We would hire them again in a heartbeat and would recommend their services to anyone interested in undertaking this process.“ -T.S. & C.S.

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